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Habnai web developer, IT-tech, and tech junkie! I love to learn all there is to know about tech and programming, working to expand my knowledge every day.Feel free to contact me




Opentechly is a personal blog where I share my experience, they allow me to find certain  information quickly and maybe (in any case I hope to help some people). I am an enthusiast and not a professional, I do not claim to be an expert which implies that I could be wrong. In this case and in many others.My love for tech stems from my own work experience. For the past ten years, I have worked as a systems administrator and IT-Tech. This role opened my eyes to the world of technical systems, showing me the vast pool of knowledge that was seemingly endless. But that didn’t discourage me. On the contrary, it inspired me to learn as much as I can-- which brings me to the reason for starting this blog. I want to document my journey and experiences through the tech world, venturing both into the territory I am already familiar with and into the realms that I have not yet explored!  It is my passion to share my discoveries and experiences with others. My blend of previous knowledge, coupled with a thirst to learn further, gives me a unique edge that will appeal to the newcomer and seasoned tech junkie alike. On this blog i Will try to document trends and new developments in the open source tech world, sharing my findings in programming and coding in a way that is easy for all.Feel free to take a look around...